Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dusty it is my blog...

ok.. looks like it was several months ago since i last written on this blog. Too busy with my crappy work.... seriously? what is so great working in a huge, popular company? SERIOUSLY?

Maybe i dunno how to manage time, but i have to admit workload is heavy, i'm sick and on mc today, thus me here writting on this blog. boohoo.

Anyway , Happy New Year to everyone, wishing everyone good health, prosperity, and a energetic, fun new year!!

I should be resting and recovering, i really dun like this flu i'm having right now, i swear i cough till i vomitted my breakfast this morning. *oh please help me....!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Angela Aki - Kagayaku Hito

They say if you want to learn to live happily, first you've got to learn how to love yourself to make yourself happy, because it's only you who can change the fate of your own life. Take control of your life and you'll learn to live life to the fullest.

This song was a little reminder of how to appreciate things that happened in my life. It has been long since i've updated my blog since alot of things have changed. 

I've been a fan of Angela Aki since her songs are soothing and aspiring, and i find comfort in her song, just wanted to share with people out there who are down.

(English translation)

I leave the comfort zone of my house carrying my bag in both hands
Every morning I walk this lonely road (Um)

The sun has abandoned me and my presence grows dim
No one notices but my heart is crying

I want to be a shining person
So I close my eyes and imagine it
I’ll laugh a lot, fall in love
And surely be happy, so happy

Words have abandoned me, leaving me with thoughts I can’t express
No one can hear me but my heart is screaming out

I want to be a shining person
So I close my eyes and imagine it
I’ll laugh a lot, dream
And surely be happy, so happy

When you see your reflection in the mirror, do you hate it or love it?
(You gotta learn to love yourself)
Because the reflection in the mirror is what everyone else sees

I want to be a shining person so I close my eyes and imagine it

The shining person’s within me
I have to find out where she is
Don’t turn away from those clear eyes, don’t turn away

I believe the shining person is definitely within me
I’ll laugh a lot, dream, and surely be happy
Someday I’ll be one too

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Play Hard Work Hard?

Now, it's work hard and work harder. It's been really hectic of late, no thanks to the sudden increase of 25 basis points for BLR rate. People in the office are working as fast and as hard as they can. Seriously, it isn't easy when u have a bunch of customers and salesman calling u, seeing u and disturbing u when u're trying to get ur work done.

honestly, i really had moments of baning my head against the wall, and conk off without a care, just peace and silence. Sadly, that's not what i was paid to do anyway, yes, it's stressful, i hope next week is a better week and i could clear my outstanding work. 

*i know every job has its crappy sides, but venting this out makes me feel better, i told myself to always breathe and take it as it comes, whether u like it or not, things that happen in the every work place, we have to face it*

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

The year of the Tiger is here, another 15 days of celebration to celebrate a new year. Time to rush and get things cleaned up to usher the new year, tiring yet it gets my mind off of work... which is nice, since I've been working close to a month now. As usual, working life is sucky than studying life. I do still miss my studying life, it's less stressful and more time to yourself, but what to do, people have to grow up, get out of their comfort zone and do things that is required to survive in this harsh world. 

Anyway, just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year, stay healthy and may it be a prosperous new year for everyone!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Bummer... Winter Solstice festival is like tomorrow... so i guess happy Winter Solstice to everyone!... then there's Christmas and then New Year... sure time flies by pretty quick... feeling damn old d *thinks positive.. i'm still young*

Bleh... i've been in a haze thinking whether i should be really wanting to work in audit area or should i just leave my choice open and also go for commercial. This has plagued me for a while now. Because, i am not sure whether i will like audit cause there's these pros and cons of great working experience, future employers will value u more and etc and then there's the thing about working like a cow/bull and u woun't know when will u see daylight ( i know i'm exagerating but u pretty much get a picture of an auditor's life).

Alot of ppl has been saying go audit first then only switch... but when i think about it... if u wanna gain valauable experience.. bigger firms would be better... so what happens if i've tried but was not given the chance to work in one of them... is commercial really isn't the way to go? Gah, up to this stage i'm so blur... i feel like i'm up against a crossroad but i dunno what i want to do anymore... my mind is blank... what should i do?

Friday, December 4, 2009

woo dusty...

Dusty is my blog.. haven't been much lately, just that:
- i've graduated
- just went for an job interview (was quite ok)
- Christmas is coming
- Christimas is coming
- Christmas is coming and where's my holiday?!
- feel like sleeping

Thursday, October 22, 2009

pretty bad week for me =(

Yea pretty bad week for me this week, i made stupid mistakes in my exam and i'm fearing whether i could actually pass the paper... even if i blame or scold myself for it, i can't do much about it. like they say it's over and done with. Just pray as i thought to myself. Life just goes on, it's not the end of the world, there are more worst case scenario happening around the world anyway.

You know just several days ago, last Sunday, was having a quiet evening dinner with my family and my father's friends. There was this guy who is a waiter, the way he behaved was definitely not that of the usual.. could see he was struggling a little especially when my father needed a pen, and he was the closest person my father could reach to get a pen.

Now, it didn't frighten me until we heard a scream. It was just a short scream but it definitely got everyones attention. As we watched on, he started holding his head as if he was in pain, and the next thing we know he just blank out and *thud* was the sound when his body drop onto the hard cement floor.

First thing i thought, he got an epilepsy a.k.a. "fit". Thank goodness there were people who knew what to do at the very least, and the co-workers all came to his aid since it wasn't the first time they encounter such thing. At least they're well prepared. Luckily that guy regain conciousness.

See, life still goes on after that. Interesting week considering it was a bumpy week for me, but heck, it's just part of life, and it just make me appreciate it a little more. (Gd luck to everyone in their exams! we all need that luck till next week =) )